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Allium Border

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    These mixed colour blooms will add wonderful colour and texture to any border.

    Spring flowering bulbs have varieties to suit every situation and are guaranteed to fill your garden with colour for months. The blooms are often unusual shapes that add to their beauty and the range of colours to choose from is extensive. Planting Time Spring flowering bulbs should be planted from August onwards, before the first frost. . Free-draining soil is important as bulbs are susceptible to rotting. Flowering These bulbs will flower from May/June and reach a height of 60-90cm/24-36 inchesHow to plant Dig individual holes for each bulb or a trench for many bulbs. Place bulbs in the holes without pushing down hard. Make sure the growing point is pointing upwards. Cover with soil and firm. Many spring bulbs are perfect for growing in patio containers, brightening up front door steps, patios or decks.Use the bulb as a guide and plant it two or three times its depth. Space them roughly 15cm/6 inches apart.Lifting and storing Bulbs generally prefer to be stored dry. Remove loose soil, carefully pull or cut off dead and dying leaves and leave to dry overnight. Dusting with fungicide will help keep the bulbs healthy.


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