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Welcome to the CountryLife Gardening Blog, written by our horticulturists
to provide you with the best tips & advice for all things gardening! 

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Guide to Having a Beautiful Lawn
Apr 16, 2013 To help keep your lawn in tip-top shape follow Teresa's simple guide and make your lawn the envy of your neighbours! Read more
Guide to Growing your own Vegetables
Apr 08, 2013 Thinking about growing your own vegetables but you’re not sure where to start? Well it couldn’t be easier, follow Fergal's Grow Your Own hints and tips on what you need to do and how to do it.... Read more
Matchmaking in the Garden
Apr 05, 2013 Companion planting is one organic way to help protect your vegetables from the threat of pests, and can help improve the growth of your crops. Read Angela's blog on companion planting and allow happy relationships lead to success in your garden this year! Read more
April in the Garden
Apr 02, 2013 After March living up to being a month of many weathers we are now just a stepping stone away from gardens starting to come alive again. Read Angela's blog and see what jobs you should be getting up to this April about the garden.... Read more
Getting Started - Feeding Poultry at Home
Mar 21, 2013 Read our guest blog from Tamara Ziegler at our Ashford CountryLife on feeding poultry at home and make sure your hens get the right balance of proteins, carbs, vitamin, minerals...... Read more
St. Patrick's Cabbage
Mar 16, 2013 As many of you take clippings from your Shamrock plant this weekend in celebration of St Patrick’s Day, will you stop to consider the origins of this three leaved beauty? Read more
Getting Started with Chickens in the Garden
Mar 15, 2013 Chickens are healthy, hardy creatures and if you follow a few basic rules, you too can be collecting the freshest eggs in your back garden. Read our guest blog from Fiona Dillon at Hunters Lodge Living for all you need to know about keeping chickens at home. Read more
Guide to Planting Bulbs for Summer Colour
Mar 08, 2013 Angela's simple guide should put you on the right track to planting a selection of summer flower bulbs that will hopefully well surpass your expectations in the garden this season..... Read more
March in the Garden
Feb 28, 2013 I hope many of you are enjoying the beautiful colours of Spring flowering bulbs in your garden and will continue to throughout the next few months. Now to get down to business and see what jobs we have to tackle in the garden for the month of March.... Read more
Guide to Pruning Roses
Feb 15, 2013 Pruning roses is a vital step in the maintenance of a healthy rose bush, pruning will encourage the production of new blossoms and reduces the risk of diseases....... Read more