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Welcome to the CountryLife Gardening Blog, written by our horticulturists
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Hello May!

by Jess Kelly | May 02, 2018

May is a beautiful month in the garden and with the longer stretch in the evenings & darkness not hitting until nearly 9:30pm – there’s no better time to get out and enjoy your garden for longer.

Relatively warm temperatures are here to stay (let’s hope I’m not jinxing this!) and least we can put our frosty spells behind us, for now.

Let’s have a look at an overview of what you should be doing this month in the garden..Remember to keep an eye out for new blogs posted every Tuesday & Thursday over the gardening season.

Weed Control! 

You’ll start to notice your trees & shrubs coming to life with bursts of leaves & flowers arriving. However, something else which will be bursting to life this time of the season are, weeds! Pesky weeds creep in with the warmer temperatures. The quickest way to get rid of these is to hoe them off before they get too settled. Best to apply a thick layer of mulch on your beds and soil surfaces to keep weeds at bay.


This month, your spring flowers; Tulips & daffodils need to be deadheaded. Picking off flowers as they fade or start wilting is a very easy task although can be time consuming depending on your quantities in your garden! Your plants will thank you for it as the energy is concentrated back into bulb for next year.

Lawn Care

Weekly mowing  will now get underway and good time to add a lawn feed if you haven’t done so already. Repair patches in the lawn or bald edging by the end of the month. If you’ve just laid a new lawn from seed, leave it alone for a while until it becomes established. Snip off the tips with a shears until your grass has established its longer roots.


Now is the time to keep an eye on roses as they should be sprayed fortnightly to protect them from a number of diseases that often attack which include; blackspot, mildew and rust. 

Planting & Pruning

At the of the month, bedding plants such as Dahlias can be planted.  Note that Ireland tends to be unpredictable when it comes to weather, so keep an eye out for late frosts which may hit and protect them.

Now is also a great time to prune back early flowering shrubs like Spiraea, Chaenomeles Forsythia.
Lightly prune box hedging to shape, it is important to do this every year as box hedging doesn’t like a hard prune, little and often is better. Finish pruning evergreens now to remove any frost damage and tidy wayward shoots.

When the sunshine hits, be sure to take some time out to get out into the garden. Gardening is very beneficial for your mental health, relieving anxiety and stress as well as improving your fitness! 
If you need more tips & advice, there is a horticulturist in every CountryLife store, pop in and we’d be happy to help with all your garden queries!

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