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Welcome to the CountryLife Gardening Blog, written by our horticulturists
to provide you with the best tips & advice for all things gardening! 

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How to..Pot up containers

by Jess Kelly | Apr 25, 2018

Image: CountryLife Castlecomer

Potting up containers is one of the quickest and easiest way to add immediate colour to your front door or patio garden. A simple task which can also be enjoyed with little ones introducing them to gardening! 

What you'll need..

- Container/Pot of your choice
: Make sure your container has drainage holes at the bottom, you don't want your plants to drown.  Remember: the bigger the container, the heavier it will be once filled with compost & watered!

- Compost Mix: There are lots of brands out there and it's a personal preference but a good idea to have one with a fertilizer already mixed through. 

- Plant food: Optional but good to use once a week to ensure continuous bloom. 

- Flowering Plants: The fun part! There's a huge variety of plants which can be used to plant. Asking one of the horticulturist advice in your local garden centre can point you in the right direction! 

Some Plants to look at:
Gerbera daisies
Perennials (ivy, coreopsis, or grasses)
Sweet potato vine

Your DesignWhether you want a single pop of colour in your container or want to let your creative juices flow with mixed colours, is all you! 

How to pot them up!

1. Fill the pot about two-thirds full with compost. 

2. Decide on your arrangement - you can choose to a design which is "rounded" with a tall plant in the centre with the trailing or smaller plants around the edges or a "front facing" container with the larger plant sitting at the back and smaller ones in front. 

3. Arrange your plants still in their pots to decide the placement. 

4. Squeeze your plants original pot gently to loose the plant away from the edge. Gently remove the plant, disturbing the root as little as possible.

5. Burrow the plants into your new container, keeping an eye that the depth is the same level as what they were in their original pot, Gently press down the soil surrounding.

6. Fill compost in between the plants once potted, gently pressing down the soil. 

7. Choose your location for your newly potted contained, give it a good water, stand back & admire!

If you need more tips & advice, there is a horticulturist in every CountryLife store, pop in and we’d be happy to help with all your garden queries!

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