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Spring Garden Clean Up

by Jess Kelly | Apr 13, 2018


Even though the weather has been pretty awful coming into the Spring, we can welcome longer and brighter evenings with open arms.
Before we get stuck into planting and garden care, the garden itself could do with a good Spring clean no doubt.

Plan your clearance

Take some time to consider where you’ll be disposing your waste. For waste such as dead leaves, weeds and other garden leaves, make sure you’re organic bin is empty on commencing your clean up. You may also have garden furniture, broken pots or tools to dump so plan on knowing where you’ll be dumping these.

Clear out

Clear out as much space in your garden as needs be including throwing out old furniture etc. Creating space and de-cluttering not only is good for your mental health but once it’s gone you can begin to get a clearer picture of where you want to plant and put pots, planters or furniture.

Patio cleaning

After a horrible (and long!) winter, your garden is likely to be a mess with overgrown weeds and grass. Your paths and patio is likely to be looking like a mess with moss and grime. Use a pressure washer to remove, protecting the surrounding walls.  Power washers can be used for cleaning up dirty furniture and pots too.  

Lawn Care

Once we get a bit of dry weather, make grass cutting a priority especially with Irish weather being unpredictable.  If it’s too long to cut, use a trimmer to  reduce the length. Lawn mowing should then be a “breeze” ! Be patient as it will take a few times to get it looking good.

Once you’ve got your Spring Clean up finished, you can start planning and planting your bedding to create a blooming Summer garden!

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