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Mid-summer Lawns

by User Not Found | Jul 25, 2016
Lawns make up a large part of Irish gardens

Lawns make up a large part of Irish gardens and thus get lots of attention from gardeners to ensure they are in top condition and look lush and green. While many of gardeners will have treated their lawns for weeds, moss and also fed them back in Spring these treatments are starting to loose their effects by now. 

Now is a good time to give your lawn an MOTNormally these treatments works for two to three months and so mid-summer is a good time to look at giving your lawn some TLC that will see it right through to September. September is generally around the time growing rates slow down and you don’t have to provide as much for lawns. In the coming weeks it is a good time to give your lawn a bit of an MOT and see how it is performing and keep it going until autumn. 

The showery weather that we have been experiencing lately, while not great weather for sitting out to enjoy a BBQ, it is great weather for applying lawn treatments as it provides the moisture you need to help the treatments penetrate the soil. If you use a lawnmower that collects grass clipping rather than mulching the cut grass back into the lawn I always recommend applying a mid-summer feed to your lawn. If you constantly collect the clippings you are not returning any nutrients to soil so it is best to apply some sort of feed to give the lawn a boost. 

One product to consider using is Mo Bacter Universal Lawn Feed from Viano. This product contains a slow release fertiliser which feeds lawns for up to two months and it also controls moss. The live bacteria in the product eats up the moss in a matter of days leaving a lush green lawn behind. 

Feeding lawns now will keep them going until autumnGenerally around 10 days after applying Mo Bacter you will notice that the lawn looks considerably greener and healthier. The product is also organic which means it is safe for pets to go back out on the lawn after it has been applied. This is always a big concern for customers who have pets that come in to CountryLife looking for products to use on their lawns. 

Liquid feeds are a good thing to consider at the moment too. The are often much faster acting and you can see the results on your lawn in a matter of days. They are are great option to consider if you have a smaller lawn too because you can easily apply them just using a watering can. Evergreen produces a good long lasting liquid feed that is just one to consider using. 

Now is also a good time of year to consider applying lime to your lawns. A lime treatment will help improve the soil pH structure and can control moss for you too. You do not want to apply lime at the same time you feed a lawn as they two treatments can cancel each other out. As a rule of thumb you want to leave at least three to four weeks between feeding your lawn and treating it with lime. 

From a practical point of view if you look at your lawn and think it looks good you can now apply lime to it. While if you look at your lawn and think it is looking a bit shabby you should start off by feeding it and treating any weeds that are visible. Then roughly a month later you can treat with lime. This will mean you have lush healthy lawns right through to autumn.