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A Spring Show

by CountryLife Gardening | Sep 18, 2015

Crocuses offer great early Spring colour - Photo Credit Alden Chadwick
Last week we started looking at Spring bulbs and the different types of daffodils that gardeners can introduce into their gardens this year. This week we are going to look at the plethora of other spring flowering bulbs gardeners can plant to inject a much needed splash of colour after the drab months of winter. In CountryLife we have just introduced our Spring bulb displays to get gardeners thinking about spring time in their garden.

Hyacinths have always proven popular because of their rich colour and brilliant scent which seems to waft through the air for weeks and weeks. Crocuses are a fantastic early flowering spring bulb to consider planting as they will add vibrant burst of colour to beds and patios weeks in the lead up to the rest of your spring bulbs appearing. Anemone are always a great choice for gardeners with woodland gardens or those looking to add some colour beneath deciduous trees before they come into leaf.

Alliums have been growing popularity in recent years and can sit very happily in many different types of garden. Alliums require a rich free draining soil. At the moment we have two great varieties in stock. Purple Sensation is a bright lilac colour while the second, Christophii, has a rich dark purple hue.

Of all the spring bulbs available at the moment one of the best and hardest working has to the tulip. Tulips can offer vibrant colour from March right through until the end of May depending on the varieties you plant.

At the moment we have over 12 varieties of tulip available in CountryLife. Of those Red Riding Hood is one of our more unique varieties. It has great flaming red petals and the leaves are speckled with spots of red which make these tulips stand out from the rest.

Parrots Fusion and Rembrandt Fusion are two tulips which are best described as variegated. The petals look as if they have been splashed with paint. The great colour variation makes them perfect for planting in large pots. Queen of the Night will always be a firm favourite with gardeners for its deep dark purple (almost black) flowers. The same is true for Spring Green with its white and green tinged flowers.

At home in my own garden I have combined two contrasting tulip with some double flowering primroses for a great Spring display. In this bed I have planted Doll's Minuet with Sunburst and in my eyes they  work brilliantly together. Doll’s Minuet is a deep pink colour with a streak of purple through it. The petals themselves are very unusual as they look as if they have been twisted.

Sunburst then is a traditional tulip shape in a rich yellowish orange colour that really stands out in a garden. I have these planted underneath a semi-mature beech tree that I can’t grow anything else under for the rest of the year so this colourful display is a welcome sight in the garden.

Tulips grow best in full sunshine and in a good free draining soil. You want to sow the tulip bulbs 4 or 5 inches deep to offer them good anchorage. A bulb planter can be used to make planting much easier and a pair of knee pads always come in handy!

Written by Malachy

Here to help!
 - remember if you have any questions feel free to pop into one of our garden centres or you can contact us on our Facebook and Twitter pages and email us at:

Malachy's Bio 
I have been gardening since I was 5 years old when my mother gave me a part of our garden as my own. I have studied horticulture in the National Botanical Gardens in Glasnevin and was a winner in the young horticulturist of the year competition. I have worked in Several plant nurseries and garden centers such as Mount Congreve in Co. Waterford. My special interests are plant propagation and Cacti!

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