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Customer Question: How to control wild Garlic?

by User Not Found | Dec 15, 2014

We've recently had a customer email looking for advice on how to control wild garlic in her garden. Jean has put together some advice on this so we've decided to share it with you all.

Remember our horticulturists are always on hand to help you out, even if you haven't time to call in and see them in store why not email your gardening questions to or visit our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Customer Question: How can you get rid of wild garlic in the garden it seems to be taking over. Would really appreciate help. I have dug up for the last two years but they pop up again.

Advice from Jean: You have probably already learned this the hard way but wild garlic is extremely hard to get rid of. There are two ways of controlling it, and you'll probably have to do both.

  1. Chemically
  2. Manually

Aim to kill wild garlic plants throughout autumn, winter and early spring before plants can generate the next generation of bulbs in March. Hoeing throughout winter or early spring will prevent development of new underground bulbs.  

As well as hoeing, chemical control is necessary. The ingredient 2,4-D applied before plants are 8 inches tall can be an effective control. Lawn weed killer Dicophar contains 2,4-D and is a very effective weed killer.

The waxy finish of wild garlic leaves means that herbicides don’t penetrate it easily. While the smell will be very strong, it might be a good idea to mow or strim the area beforehand to break the leaf surface to allow the herbicide in. You may need to do this for several years in a row to totally control them as wild garlic bulbs can stay dormant in soil for 6 years.  

Complete control in an area infested with wild garlic will require persistent management for at least 3 or 4 years (maybe as many as 6 years) is necessary to obtain complete control.