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Cold Weather Tips

by User Not Found | Dec 01, 2014

Cold weather advice
In Ireland we are all use to unpredictable weather
and this winter doesn’t look to be any different. If recent weather reports are correct the next few days look as if they are going to be bitterly cold so we have pulled together some of our best cold winter weather gardening tips for you.

Dry & Cold

  • Dry, cold winds can damage delicate plants especially if they've only been planted this year, such as evergreens - ensure to protect your delicate plants by wrapping with fleece
  • Try to avoid walking on frosted lawns and this will damage the grass underneath
  • Empty any of your pots that are not frost-proof and move them under cover to protect them from the winter weather


The best way to tackle snow is preparation:

  • Keep an eye on the weather forecasts and grit pathways before forecasted snow falls
  • Wide light weight shovels are the best for removing snow from path ways
  • Snow can both damage and protect plants, at ground level it can act as mulch and insulate soil
  • Heavy snow on the branches of your tress will weigh them down and could cause them to snap. You can avoid this by firstly pruning back larger limbs; if it's too late for that carefully knock the snow of branches you can reach
  • Top Tip - When removing snow start at the bottom and work you way up, this will avoid the snow from the top branches adding to the already weighed down bottom branches

And no matter whatever the weather you should always do the following during winter:

  • Protect tender plants
  • Check all tree ties and stakes are secure
  • Water your garden - when covered in heavy frost or snow the ground beneath will still become very dry
  • Mulch around all trees and shrubs before the winter weather hits
  • Protect clay pots from frost