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Save money on heating

by User Not Found | Nov 20, 2014

With the new carbon tax pushing up the prices of fuels even higher this year it becomes even more important to save your money and use heating more efficiently.

Save on your heating bills:
  • Insulate your windows and doors as most of the heat (20%) is lost through the “leaks”. You can also help to keep the heat in by drawing the curtains
  • Turn off the heating when you are away for a several days and switch off the radiators in the rooms that you don’t use
  • Don’t have your heaters on the whole time. Just an hour should be sufficient to heat up a room
  • If you have a Night/Day meter or Day/Night storage heater, start using cheaper night rate. Night rate hours:
    • winter: 11.00pm – 8.00am
    • summer: 12 midnight – 9.00am
  • Install a chimney balloon. When you’re not using your fireplace you can simply inflate the balloon in your chimney, it will keep the drafts out
  • Radiator reflector will bounce the heat from the back of your radiator back into the room.
  • By turning down your thermostat by one degree you will reduce your cost by 3%. The ideal room temperature should be 20 degrees
  • Get rid of the air in your radiators by “bleeding them”. You can ask a professional to do it or install a device that will automatically vent your radiator (Automatic Radiator Bleeding Valve or Airless Automatic De-Aerator) 
  • Insulate your house. By insulating your attic you can save up to 20% on your energy bills
  • Heat up only as much water as you need, if you don’t have one already you should install timer control switch

Save money on solid fuels:

  • Choose the right type of fuel for your fireplace or a stove. Better quality fuels release more heat and burn longer meaning that you don’t have to refuel as often
  • Avoid burning poor quality fuels e.g. damp or wet wood will be not only hard to burn but it will also produce more smoke than heat (because of the high moisture content)
  • Chimney sweep will help you to improve the efficiency of your fireplace and will reduce the risk of chimney fire
  • You can also increase your stove efficiency by properly and regularly maintaining your stove. Check out our stove maintenance blog to for some tips
  • Don’t close your vents. People tent to not only close them but also block them with cloths, newspapers etc. Air circulation is very important especially if you have fireplace or a stove.
Brian’s Bio
Hi, my name is Brian. I am the Branch Manager in Glanbia Countrylife in New Ross, Co.Wexford. I’ve worked in retail since I left college in 1998. I love my job as no two days are the same - the customer interactions which are an integral part of my work provide me with daily variety. I started working for Glanbia in 2008 and saw they sold Stanley Stoves and wondered how would I go about selling them. Some eaves dropping on the then stove expert, a few training courses with Waterford Stanley and the installation of a stove in my own home have left me with the required knowledge . It’s not a hard sale really once you explain to someone that an open fire is between 20/ 25% efficient where as a Stove can be up to 80% efficient.