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by User Not Found | Jul 15, 2014

plants or succulents are plants that have some parts thickened and fleshy, usually to retain water in arid climates or soil conditions. Succulents store water in various structures, such as leaves and stems. High temperatures and low precipitation force plants to collect and store water to survive long dry periods. This is why they are so suitable to growing in a pot that doesn’t get much water or in very dry ground. Often they are planted on green roofs due to their drought tolerance and colourful flowers and foliage.
Succulent plants such as Sedum and Sempervivum are easy to grow. They need well-drained soil and they can thrive in cracks and crevasses, rockeries and sandy or gritty soils. They flower in the Summer and do especially well in a warm sunny position.

When planting succulents be creative! Use some old toys as planters and don't throw out that broken pot, you can convert it into a fairy garden.
Succulents are also great if you have a limited garden space because you can plant them vertically.  

Jean’s Bio 
  Hi my name is Jean, I am a horticulturist with CountryLife in the Ashford branch. I grew up on a farm where we always had a veg garden, so you could say that horticulture and agriculture is in the blood! I studied Landscape Horticulture in UCD and worked part-time in Fernhill Garden Centre, Athlone while I was in college. After graduating I worked in Landscape Architecture for three years before returning to the Garden Centre trade. I began in Keane’s Garden Centre, Kilcolgan, Co Galway and returned to Fernhill Garden Centre for three years before joining CountryLife.  Being a horticulturalist is a great job, you are surrounded by nature every day and there is always something to be done. Meeting customers and giving the advice is very rewarding especially when they report back positive results. I love growing my own fruit and veg and I’m always trying new varieties and ways of growing. The seasons are always changing and while the weather is challenging in Ireland, I believe we grow the best produce in the world.