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Plant Doctor: Rust

by User Not Found | Apr 08, 2014

Rust is a fungus that attacks plants of all shapes and sizes. It can be identified by the brown spots or spores that develop on the leaf of the plant. With rust being a fungus, it usually only attacks one host species and it most likely won’t spread to other species.

Having your plants in good health will cut down the likeliness of rust appearing in your garden. Ensure that the plants are not too tightly packed together so that there can be good air circulation between each other and also make sure not to over water. By doing this you can help to deter rust from taking hold. It is best to keep an eye out when caring for your plants.

If you find rust, you will need to remove all the leaves that are affected. DO NOT compost these leaves - make sure to burn them or bury them at least 6ft underground.
After this you need to pick up a systemic fungus killer like Rose Clear or Fungus Clear to treat the plant. The best thing to do is just keep an eye on your plants to try and catch it early.

Fergal's Bio

Hi my name is Fergal, I have been a horticulturist with CountryLife since April 2009 in the New Ross branch . I have a BSC in horticulture which I received from WIT and Kildalton College . Before joining CountryLife I worked in Ballymaloe cookery school in Shanagary Co. Cork were I was involved in fruit and vegetable production for the cookery school and also the farmers Market in Middleton every Saturday. After Ballymaloe I went to work in Mount Congreve Estate in Kilmeaden, Co. Waterford where I worked on the grounds of the estate maintaining the gardens. I love planting seeds and taking cuttings of plants, giving them a little bit of care and attention and watching them grow into mature plants. Fergal