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Where to Recycle Your Christmas Tree 2014 #IrishTreecycle

by Aislinn Dunne | Jan 07, 2014


The turkey is eaten, the gifts are a distant memory and the Roses tin is finally empty. It’s time to pack away the Christmas decorations for another year.  Luckily, there are plenty of options around the country for recycling your Christmas tree, and most of them are free. We compiled a list of centres nationwide below that will happily take your tired old tree and turn it into useful landscaping mulch. If we’ve missed a centre near you let us know on Twitter using the hashtag #Irishtreecycle

Why recycle your tree?

It is a necessity these days to recycle your Christmas tree and save the environment. Every county has a Christmas tree recycling point, but before you bring yours make sure that you have taken off all decorations and tinsel as well as any screwed in stands as these can destroy the blades of the chipper. Your Christmas tree will be chipped into mulch which is used in local landscaping projects which helps to conserve soil and keep plants healthy. By recycling your Christmas tree you are helping the environment and the mulch will be used in projects like parks and playgrounds in your local community.

Christmas Tree Recycling Centres

  • For more information about recycling points in your area follow us on Twitter

Bringing the tree into recycling point is not your only option. If you have a bit of free time on your hands and feel creative you can follow our tips on how to recycle your Christmas tree at home.

Alternative ways to recycle your Christmas Tree.

  • Cut of the branches, chop the stem and leave it to dry over the summer in your garage. The stem will make excellent firewood and the branches can be used as fire-lighters.
  • Create a bird sanctuary: place your tree outdoors and hang bird feeders, seed balls and pine cones from the branches
  • Cut the trunk into 2 inches discs and set them into the soil to edge flower beds and walkways
  • Create a pretty and rustic Christmas keepsake decoration. Cut a disk from a tree trunk and dry it out in the airing cupboard. This is a great way to commemorate Baby’s first Christmas or your first festive season in a new home. Decorate it however you like and when you’re finished, a quick coat of varnish and some ribbon creates a lovely and quirky decoration for next year’s tree.


Do you have any other ideas for recycling Christmas trees? Let us know on ourFacebook page or tweet us using the hashtag #Irishtreecycle

Angela's Bio

I've been a Horticulturalist with CountryLife Tullamore since April 2010. I am passionate about all things gardening and have been involved in the gardening industry from a young age as my family had an export plant Nursery and Garden Centre, where the seeds of my garden interests were sown. I have a National Diploma in Horticulture from Merrist Wood College, Surrey, UK. and a Certificate in Training and Continuing Education from National University of Ireland Maynooth. My experience has involved working and managing various Award Winning Garden Centres from 3 to 5 star grades. I also have delivered FETAC courses in Horticulture and evening classes at Athlone Institute of Technology – if you have a question or query on anything gardening related I would love to help!