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High Expectations or a Lazybones??

by User Not Found | Sep 19, 2013

Despite being a Horticulturalist for nigh on 24 years now, some of my gardening techniques tend to contradict my every day work practices.

For instance, during my working day, I would regularly advise customers on which “icide” they should use (Insecticide, Fungicide, and Herbicide etc), however I never use any of these in my own garden – purely due to laziness, I have to admit! If some bug wants to eat my plants then let them! I believe that only the fittest and strongest plants deserve to have a spot in my humble abode. However, I do admit to using the odd drop of weed killer – which could really be classed as another form of laziness – as it is easier than having to pull them by hand.

I tend to stick to the old reliables when it comes to plant selection – don’t give me any of those ‘flouncy fluffy’ plants with the massive airbrushed picture labels (Countrylife’s marketing Department is going to love me!). I want no nonsense, no fuss, no care, no nothing at all, type plants in my garden, because at the end of the day it’s a bit like the Shoemaker's kids having no shoes!

So I've selected a few of my low maintenance favourites to share with you;

 Geranium jolly bee

Geranium ‘Jolly Bee’

Hardy outdoor geranium or Cranesbill – flowers all summer and autumn

Needs no care or attention at all

Bees just love the flowers


Anemone ‘Splendens’

A fantastic autumn flowering perennial

Hardy and need no care or attention

Available in white also


Pericardia Superb

Hardy ground cover perennial

Flowers most of the summer and autumn

The only care it needs it to stop it spreading by slicing through it with a spade!


Rose Flower Carpet - Pink

What can I say? A fabulous plant which needs no traditional rose pruning – just shaped up with a hedge shears in the spring.

Very good disease resistance and flowers all summer and autumn.

Also available in white, red, amber and yellow.

Although I have to admit to trying the odd ‘Flouncy fluffy’ just to see how it behaves, and to see if it will live up to my high expectations and standards – or my level of laziness – whichever way you see it!


Angela's Bio

I've been a Horticulturalist with CountryLife Tullamore since April 2010. I am passionate about all things gardening and have been involved in the gardening industry from a young age as my family had an export plant Nursery and Garden Centre, where the seeds of my garden interests were sown. I have a National Diploma in Horticulture from Merrist Wood College, Surrey, UK. and a Certificate in Training and Continuing Education from National University of Ireland Maynooth. My experience has involved working and managing various Award Winning Garden Centres from 3 to 5 star grades. I also have delivered FETAC courses in Horticulture and evening classes at Athlone Institute of Technology – if you have a question or query on anything gardening related I would love to help!