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Welcome to the CountryLife Gardening Blog, written by our horticulturists
to provide you with the best tips & advice for all things gardening! 

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September in the Garden

by Aislinn Dunne | Sep 02, 2013


With the summer slowly fading away and the definitive crispness of autumn creeping into the air you would be forgiven for thinking your work in the garden is done for another year – however there is still plenty to keep you busy this month – from harvesting your crops to preparing for the coming spring. September is a month for taking stock and planning for the future.


  • Now is a good time to start tidying up your perennials and collecting seed heads – which on their own can be quite stunning features in your garden.
  •  It’s time to start thinking about spring bulbs – where you want to place them and preparing the soil for planting them. Bulbs are in store now so you can get a head start and plant them before the real winter months put you off garden activities.
  •  Your garden may be beginning to look bare now that the summer bloomers are beginning to fade – if this is the case now is a great time to add some winter bedding plants such as Winter Viola, Winter Pansies and Cyclamens.
  • Plant some evergreen climbers this month to cover any bare walls and add a splash of colour – Virginia Creeper is a good choice – its rich red foliage will add a splash of colour to even the barest gardens. 

Seedhead and Spring Bulbs

Fruit and Vegetables

  • Now should be a time of harvest so all your hard work should be rewarded with a bountiful cornucopia of home grown treats – Raspberries, Plums and Crab Apples are all ripening up now.
  • Looking to the future – it’s time to start planting seed potatoes in preparation for Christmas (I know!) Maris Peer or Duke of York are good choices to plant now for a late November harvest.
  • There are a variety of autumn and winter vegetables you can plant to ensure fresh produce for the colder months - winter and spring cabbage, purple sprouting broccoli, Little Gem lettuce, ice berg varieties and Chinese cabbage are a few options.

Sept Fruit and Veg

Around the Garden

  • September is a good time to clean out the green house ready for over wintering tender plants.
  • Now is an ideal time to start a compost heap in your garden – autumn’s fallen leaves, your grass clipping and any teabags, eggs shells or coffee grind will all ensure you have a wonderful organic rich compost for next spring’s planting. Don’t forget to add a compostmaker or activator into the mix. Later this month we will have a detailed blog on composting for beginners – check back for details.
  •  Get your bird table cleaned and start leaving out food for the birds – they will benefit from storing up fat now to get through the winter ahead.
  • Pack away your BBQ and garden furniture – but make sure to clean them first, that way they are ready to take out and use straight away once Summer hits next year.
Birds and Compost

Teresa’s Bio

Currently I am the Horticulturist in Countrylife Castlecomer Co. Kilkenny. I completed my certificate in Horticulture at Kildalton College, Piltown, Co Kilkenny and then began a busy career in horticulture working in several garden centres – even one as far away Bondi Junction, Sydney! During my time studying at Kildalton my keen interest and love of trees, plants and anything green was a guarantee to me that horticulture was the right career path for me. I became passionate about garden design and have been involved in the design and landscaping of many garden projects. The beauty of horticulture to me is that I never stop learning – gardening practices, plants, trees and shrubs are evolving and changing all the time – fertilizing the growth of my garden passion! If you have a horticulture related question please feel free to ask.