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Dahlia Care Tips

by User Not Found | Jul 03, 2013

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Dahlias provide beautiful colour and are ideal for the summer borders, they can be placed in patio containers or used as cut flowers. The beauty of the Dahlia is that they often flower until the arrival of first frosts. Dahlias grow from long, slender tuberous roots. Some types, known as bedding dahlias, form compact, bushy plants; others produce tall, large-flowered border favourites.

Growing Guidelines

Plant your dwarf or bedding Dahlias 25-30 cm (10-12 in) apart. When planting tall border dahlias, also insert a stake at planting time to avoid damaging roots later on. Mulch in summer and water generously during dry spells. Cut or pinch off spent flowers regularly to prolong the flowering season. The safest option is to dig up your Dahlias in the autumn for indoor storage over winter as there is high chance they will not survive some of the harsh Irish winter frosts. Store the tubers of plants you have lifted indoors in a cold but frost-free area. Before replanting in spring, divide the root clumps in half or thirds, making sure each section has some of the stem attached.

Pest and Disease

Dahlias are susceptible to insect pests from aphids to powdery mildew. Watch closely for signs of damage and threat accordingly

Top Tip

Pinch off stem tips in Early Summer to promote bushy growth and more  (But taller) flowers, or,  to get the largest flowers, pinch off sideshoots to leave one or two main stems.

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