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How to Plant Colourful Boxes and Containers this Summer

by User Not Found | May 17, 2013

Colorful Window Box
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Vibrant boxes and pots make all the difference to patios, windowsills and doorsteps, adding colour and interest for the entire summer. They’re easy to create, and summer bedding plants develop and flower quickly meaning they’re ideal for all the family to grow.

You will need: 

Do this in:           April -May-June

Ideal Location: a sunny patio, doorstep or windowsill

Window Boxes

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How to Plant Colourful Containers this summer

1. If you’re new to gardening pick plants like geraniums, trailing Petunias, verbena, Fuchsia and Busy Lizzies which are all easy to grow.

2. Buy plants in trays to get the best value for money, although patio plants are sold individually, and allow around seven plants for a 30cm pot. Look for bushy plants with healthy leaves and lots of buds.

3. Add a layer of drainage material to the bottom of your pot to allow for good drainage. Now add compost until the pot is around two thirds full.

4. Add slow release fertilizer and water-retaining gel according to the packet instructions and mix it into the compost. Fill up container with more compost to top.

5. Position one taller growing plant in the centre of the pot, with the remainder evenly spaced around the edge. Fill the gaps between the plants with more compost. Position a few taller plants to the back of a window box, lower growing ones in the middle, and trailing plants to the front – to give a tiered look

6. Move the container to its final flowering position and water it thoroughly. Keep on top of watering throughout the summer and remove dead blooms as they fade. Liquid feed once a week. Keep a look out for greenfly.
Pink Window Box

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Top Tip

Group pots of different shapes and sizes to create an impressive display on a patio. Plant two identical containers to frame a front door or path.

Join us for our top tips on planting up colourful containers tomorrow (Saturday 18th May) for advice on all the best plants and flowers to use, and care advice as well as a demonstration on planting the container itself. Visit our events page for further information.

Happy Gardening,


Teresa’s Bio 
Currently I am the Horticulturist in Countrylife Castlecomer Co. Kilkenny. I completed my certificate in Horticulture at Kildalton College, Piltown, Co Kilkenny and then began a busy career in horticulture working in several garden centres – even one as far away Bondi Junction, Sydney! During my time studying at Kildalton my keen interest and love of trees, plants and anything green was a guarantee to me that horticulture was the right career path for me. I became passionate about garden design and have been involved in the design and landscaping of many garden projects. The beauty of horticulture to me is that I never stop learning – gardening practices, plants, trees and shrubs are evolving and changing all the time – fertilizing the growth of my garden passion! If you have a horticulture related question please feel free to ask. Teresa