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Top Ten Tips for Getting Your BBQ Summer Ready

by User Not Found | May 04, 2013

(Image Source
Again the optimist in me is hoping these sunny spells are a warm up for a beautiful summer and with the bank holiday weekend now is full swing my mind has turned to dreamy imaginings of big family BBQ’s. There are few things in life that can make the mouth water like the smell of a barbecue on a hazy summer evening.  I’ve compiled some tips to get your BBQ summer ready and ensure it lasts through many flame grilled parties!

  • When you first take your BBQ out of storage – give it a thorough once over to ensure there is no damage. If the BBQ is gas, inspect the hose carefully to ensure no cracks or tears.  A simple test , also used for checking tyres for punctures, cover your hose with soapy water and turn on the gas cylinder without lighting the BBQ – bubbles with appear at any point where the tube is damaged or cracked.  Replace damaged hoses before using the BBQ.
  • Check screws and fittings to ensure the BBQ is sturdy – check the legs and joints for wear or tear that might make the BBQ unsafe.
  • Soak your grill in warm soapy water, and brush gently to remove built up grime or grease.
  • Hose out the inside of your BBQ to remove any grease that may have gathered in the drum. Allow to dry thoroughly after you have done this. Before replacing coals, grills etc.
  • Replace your lava rocks, briquettes or wood chips each year for best results – don’t forget that the grease and fat from everything you cook is dripping down onto these.
Summer Ready BBQs
(Image Source
  • Give your BBQ a quick brush down before each use – bugs, dust and dirt can build up inside the BBQ and you don’t want them in your food!! Coating your grill with vegetable oil or a BBQ oil before every use will help prevent the build up of grime and grease – making it easier to clean.
  • Cooking on a dirty BBQ is like cooking in a dirty oven – the burning of grease and grime will affect the taste of your food so get into the habit of cleaning after every use.
  • After each use brush excess food off the grill, close the lid and turn up to maximum heat for a few minutes to burn off grease and dirt.
  • Invest in a BBQ cover – it will be worth it in the long run to protect your BBQ from the elements.  Allow your BBQ to cool fully before putting on the cover.
  • If you repeat the deep cleaning before storing away your BBQ you will have a much easier job when you take it out next year – you won’t have to clean off dirt that has been on it for months!! 
Happy Barbecuing!