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Garden Furniture Care Guide

by User Not Found | Apr 19, 2013

The weather has been pretty erratic the past week or so, but we have had some nice sunny spells which have probably had you thinking about dusting off the garden furniture to make the most of the sparse rays. If you’re wondering how to get your cobweb covered furniture summer ready, or if you are wondering which furniture to buy to suit your lifestyle check out our handy tips on caring for and prolonging the life of your garden furniture.

Plastic Furniture

It may not be pretty, but plastic furniture will last you a life time, and take all the abuse the Irish climate can give it. If you want furniture that requires almost no care, will stack neatly and will last you for years then perhaps plastic furniture is the way to go. At most a hosing down to clear the cobwebs or a rub with warm soapy water will ensure your plastic furniture is ready for another summer. 
Plastic Garden Furniture

Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture is made from the thin pliable stems of a palm, and outdoor rattan is coated with Polyurethane to ensure it is waterproof and weather proof.  Rattan furniture is more expensive than plastic but will last as long if cared for properly.  It also comes in many different styles making it a much more attractive option than plastic furniture.  Often rattan furniture will come with cushions – check whether or not these are waterproofed – but to ensure a long life, just bring the cushions in when not in use. The furniture itself should be cleaned occasionally with warm soapy water – do not use chemicals, and cleaned before being stored away for winter. Covering when not in use will also prolong the life of your outdoor furniture.

Rattan Garden Furniture

Metal Furniture

Metal furniture is a popular choice, due to its sturdy, hard wearing nature. However, most metals used in furniture will rust eventually, with the exception of aluminium. To prevent this rust, most metal furniture will be finished with a coating of some kind – varnish, paint or powder coating finish. With prolonged exposure even this finishes can oxidise – coating your metal furniture with car wax can help prevent this. Clean gently with warm soapy water. If you spot areas of rust, sand gently with a fine sand paper and touch up with rust primer and suitable paint (car touch up kits can be colour matched and will do the job just fine). Touching up these patches will seal them and ensure the rust does not spread.  As with the Rattan, covering when not in use will ensure the longevity of your set.

Metal Garden Furniture

Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture is the most traditional type of garden furniture but is also requires the most love and attention to maintain its good looks over time – that is if you don’t want to let it turn to its natural grey unfinished tone, which can be very attractive in its own right. However, if you do want to keep the warm amber glow of your wooden furniture you will need to put in the work.  Clean your wooden furniture regularly with a brush, whether it is treated or not. A toothbrush can help get into the small hard to reach crevices where dirt will gather. Wash with warm soapy water when required. If you are going to wax or polish your furniture, make sure you allow it to dry completely after washing. Check for signs of woodworm, or cracks and splits appearing in the wood which might pose a structural problem. Sand the wood lightly before touching up the finish.  Be sure to use a finish suitable for the particular type of wood you are working with.  Follow the guidelines supplied with the finish as to how often to reapply – the standard would be every 1 -3 years. 
Wooden Garden Furniture

If you haven’t already got your garden furniture or if you simply can’t face the work of getting it ready for summer this year why not browse our brand new range of garden furniture – only available through our website.