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Guide to Planting Bulbs for Summer Colour

by User Not Found | Mar 08, 2013

Guide to planting bulbs for summer colour
There is a wide variety of summer flowering bulbs available and they come in many unusual shapes and forms that will guarantee your garden is filled with colour for summer months and well after. Following this simple guide should put you on the right track to planting a selection of summer flower bulbs that will hopefully well surpass your expectations.

You will need:  Selection of bulbs
                           Bag of compost
                           Garden spade                  

Do this in:          March-June

Ideal Location:  Mixed in through your beds and borders, and in pots and containers

Flowering time: Will vary depending on the variety of bulb

Lupins  |   Lilies
Guide to planting bulbs for summer colour

1. Varieties of Agapanthus, Begonia, Gladioli, Dahlia, Lilies and Crocosmia are among a selection of summer flower bulbs that will add a splash of colour to your garden for the summer season.

2. To ensure you have many different flowers blooming in your garden throughout the summer months it is best to make a plan and take into account the flowering times of the varieties.

3. When planting the bulbs, plant in individual holes or a trench for larger amounts. These holes are easily dug using a garden spade. Now you can place bulbs in the holes, be careful not to push down hard and that the growing point is correctly positioned facing upwards.

4. If you are short on space don’t worry - many summer bulbs are perfect for growing on the patio in containers, especially tender species. These can then be lifted in winter and stored in the garden shed.

5. The planting depth should be about two to three times the width of the bulb and spacing between bulbs should be two to three bulb widths.

6. Remember that summer bulbs for the most do not favour wintery conditions, it is advised that they be lifted before the first frost. Once lifted shake loose soil and remove dead or dying leaves from the bulbs. They should then be left to dry out before storing in a frost-free dry place.
Dahlia  | Lily
Tip: Bulbs are best planted in clusters of odd numbers and look good when planted around the base of a tree, in a container or window box.

I hope the above tips will be of help to when planting bulbs for summer colour over the next few week. Please join us for our our second event on Saturday 16th March at 11am in our Here We Grow, gardening talks serious for futher information on planting summer flower bulbs this season. Further information will be available on our events page soon. If you have any questions be sure to comment below, on our Facebook page or Twitter

All the best,