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March in the Garden

by User Not Found | Feb 28, 2013
March in the Garden

It looks like we could be off to a cold start for the first few days of March. Remember to look after any plants that need protection from the cold about the garden, Fergal and Angela had some great gardening tips in their January and February gardening posts. I hope many of you are enjoying the beautiful colours of Spring flowering bulbs in your garden and will continue to throughout the next few months. Now to get down to business and see what jobs we have to tackle in the garden for the month of March.

  • Now is a great time to start pruning hardy late flowering shrubs & late summer flowering clematis (flowering from July onwards)
  • You should sprinkle granular fertiliser (sudden impact for roses or seamungus) around your roses, shrubs and along the base of hedges to give them a boost for the season ahead.
  • Early flowering clematis (before June) will need to have all the dead foliage removed and be trimmed back to a healthy set of buds.
  • For those of you wanting colour in your bedding area’s and pots for the summer months, now is the time to plant your summer flowering bulbs. (gladioli, begonia, dahlia, lilies)
  • Check your flower beds for plants that may have lifted in the frost, they might need some tender loving care after the winter months.

Fruit & Veg

  • Fruit trees and fruit canes can now be cut back. While pruning check all tree stakes and ties as winter winds may have loosened them.
  • Carefully dig away grass or plants growing close to the stems of fruit trees to reduce competition.
  • Plant out onion sets in rows, spacing them about 10-15cm apart .
  • Feed cabbage and other brassicas with a nitrogen-rich fertiliser such as chicken manure.
  • You can now sow seeds of the following crops outside or under cloches: carrots, leeks, beetroot, cauliflower, turnip, cabbage, brussels sprouts, spinach, peas, and lettuce. Again be wary of any lingering wintery cold weather.
  • Dig out problem weeds and emerging annual weeds, this is a job I need to do in my own garden. 
Yellow Crocus | Yellow Daffodil

Around the Garden

  • Any plants that you had brought indoors or stored in a greenhouse for winter can now be moved to a cold frame, to acclimatise to cooler temperatures before planting out. Be careful of lingering wintery weather - fingers crossed it won’t hang around for long!
  • Treat emerging shoots of perennial weeds - take control of them before they take control of your garden.
  • Replenish gravel and grit mulches around alpine plants.
  • Apply residual path weedkillers (destrol (new) brilliant) to paved and gravel areas.
  • Build or buy new compost bins to recycle garden waste.
  • You may have lost 1 or 2 plants to severe frost so now is the time to remove anything that is not looking its best and replace it with something new.
  • Tidy up the garden shed and inspect all chemical bottles for signs of leakage - they may have frozen at some stage and upon thawing the bottle can often crack.

I hope the above tips will be of help to you in the garden for March. If you have any questions be sure to comment below, on our Facebook page or Twitter. Please send me in any pictures of your blossoming spring flower bulbs in your garden. You can share your pictures on our facebook page or send them to us at

All the best,