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Welcome to the CountryLife Gardening Blog, written by our horticulturists
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February in the Garden

by User Not Found | Feb 01, 2013

February can be an unpredictable month about the garden with the chance of winter conditions outstaying an unwanted welcome. Whatever February brings, its arrival marks the departure of winter to a time when things begin to liven up about our gardens. In January we were planning for spring, now we can swing that plan into action. Not to worry if you haven’t been keeping up to speed in the garden, I’m on hand from CountryLife this month to put you on the right path to having a happy garden this spring!

Spring Flowering
  • Deadhead and Prune summer-flowering clematis, cutting above a low pair of green buds.
  • Trim winter-flowering heathers.
  • Spread a layer of manure or compost around roses and shrubs (the manure or compost needs to be at least 1 Year old). However, I would not advise pruning roses until next month, as doing so will encourage growth which runs the risk of new cuts being burnt by frost. Now is an ideal time for planting.
  • Your wisteria should be pruned this month, be careful as if left to late they will bleed.
  • If you’re eager to grow your own flowers this year, I would recommend starting off the slower-growing half-hardy annuals and perennials this month. Easy varieties to sow from seed include pelargonium, begonia and osteospermum. After sowing put in a warm windowsill or a heated corner within your greenhouse and they will germinate within two to three weeks of sowing. I would not recommend sowing fast-growing Tagetes or tomatoes too early until weather conditions improve.

Fruit & Veg 

  • Plant new raspberry canes and blackberry plants.
  • Cover beds with tunnel cloches or simple sheets of polythene to warm soil for early planting.
  • Grapevines that have not already been pruned should be done so immediately, if left too late they will bleed like the wisteria.
  • In a bright, frost-free area place your seed potatoes in seed trays or egg boxes during this month,  this will encourage them to sprout. Look out for ‘early’ potatoes as they grow easy.  

Spring Colour
 Around the Garden

  • Regularly remove weeds by hand or use a hoe if conditions are dry.
  • Prepare areas in flowerbeds to be ready for sowing of hardy annuals in late March and into April, clear weeds and dig over with a multipurpose compost to enrich the soil.
  • Check garden machinery is in working order, ready for the season ahead.
  • Glasshouses, cloches and other frames can be given a spring clean this month to have them ready for the growing season ahead.

If you have any further questions for this February about the garden, please feel free to comment below or on our Facebook page.

Happy Gardening,


February, 2013

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