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January in the Garden

by User Not Found | Jan 02, 2013

Happy New Year to you all! Angela here to try and inspire you to get out, get active and make the garden your new year’s resolution for 2013! I also brought you last month’s ‘December in the Garden’. Firstly, remember that January in the garden will give you the opportunity to catch up on those jobs that fell by the way side during the festive season. While the harshness of winter is still about there are many jobs to get on with which will give you that head start for your spring gardening.


  • If you want to add that splash of colour to your bedding areas or in pots and containers on the patio, there is still time - so get planting! CyclamensPansiesPrimrosesWinter Viola, Heather and Ivy will make a welcoming display at your front door with the added bonus of lasting well into spring.
  • If you haven’t already brought tender plants under cover, and if the weather has not caused too much damage already, then get them in now as January can be a harsh month.
  • January is an excellent time for planting bare-root trees and hedging, but also shrubs and roses can be planted during this period provided the weather is not too frosty.

Fruit & Veg

  • If you’re looking to be one step ahead and have an early crop of vegetables this year. I’ll tell you exactly what to do - starting them indoors, you can sow early varieties of cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, lettuce, peas and onions seeds now.
  • Early varieties of seed potatoes can be placed in a warm bright place to allow for sprouting which will allow for early harvesting of your crop.
  • If you didn’t get a chance to prune fruit bushes already, you can improve the quality of the fruit borne on your apple and pear trees, also blackcurrant, gooseberry and raspberry bushes by pruning back now.

Around the Garden

  • If you’re finding that your shrub beds are tired and plants are not thriving, now is the time to get spreading compost or well rotted farmyard manure over the beds and dig in for best results. If ‘Murphy’s Law’ prevails, weather conditions may not be ideal for this task!!
  • Where you have heavy snowfalls, (let’s keep fingers and toes crossed we don’t!!), knock it off the branches of your evergreen shrubs and conifers to stop the branches breaking under its weight.
  • Now is the ideal time to have your mower serviced and blade sharpened. The last thing you want is a break down during the high growth months. Servicing the lawnmower will also reduce its carbon footprint.
  • Trees that need pruning can be done, but not to the cherry family as this can cause disease.
  • Remember to keep feeding the birds, providing them with fresh food and water as frosty conditions are not favourable for our native birds. Peanuts and Birdseed are sold in all our Countrylife stores.

House Plants

  • I hope many of you are still enjoying the beauty of your flaming red Poinsettia, remember that with some reasonable care you can make it last right through till Easter. Check back to our earlier blog on how to care for your Poinsettia.

You’ll be kept busy in the garden this January and will have many opportunities for getting out and enjoying the garden for the New Year. If you have any further questions on this January about the garden, please feel free to comment below or on our Facebook page.

Happy Gardening for 2013!


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Angela's Bio

I've been a Horticulturalist with CountryLife Tullamore since April 2010. I am passionate about all things gardening and have been involved in the gardening industry from a young age as my family had an export plant Nursery and Garden Centre, where the seeds of my garden interests were sown. I have a National Diploma in Horticulture from Merrist Wood College, Surrey, UK. and a Certificate in Training and Continuing Education from National University of Ireland Maynooth. My experience has involved working and managing various Award Winning Garden Centres from 3 to 5 star grades. I also have delivered FETAC courses in Horticulture and evening classes at Athlone Institute of Technology – if you have a question or query on anything gardening related I would love to help!