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The Poinsettia - A Cheerful Mexican Visitor

by User Not Found | Dec 18, 2012
‘Bringing the charm of Christmas to your home this December’

With a cheer of Christmas in the air at CountryLife we are pleased to announce that this December’s plant of the month is the Poinsettia. They may come from Mexico originally but many Irish households will be joined by this cheery North American visitor as they sit down to enjoy their Christmas dinner. The gift of a flaming red Poinsettia is as much of an Irish Christmas tradition as the Forty Foot swim. Poinsettias are a cheap way to bring luxurious colour into your home for the festive season and with a little care and attention your Poinsettia will last right through to Easter.

At CountryLife we are proud that our Poinsettia Plants are home grown in O’Connor's Nurseries in Gorey, Co. Wexford. O’Connor's Nurseries were established in 1967 and today are an awarding-winning nursery having been awarded the Bord Bia Ornamental Grower of the year in 2011/2012. We spoke to Jim from O’Connor Nurseries to get his advice on how to care for a healthy poinsettia plant in your home.

The main points of advice on offer from Jim are to take care when exposing your Poinsettia to light, heat, humidity and moisture in your home. Jim reckons that if you're comfortable in your home this winter season, well you can be sure that your Poinsettia will be too.

 Jim’s Poinsettia Care Guide

  • Light Exposure
    Remember the Poinsettia has its specific needs when it comes to light, when positioning the plant in your home try find a place where it will receive indirect sunlight for at least six hours during the day. If the plant begins to drop leaves try moving to a brighter spot in your home.

  • Heat/Temperature Exposure
    Jim suggests that positioning the Poinsettia plant near drafts or in excessive heat may cause problems as they are sensitive to extremes of temperature. Keeping your Poinsettia in an environment where the temperatures are about 18°C and not below 14°C will ensure a long-lasting plant whose beauty you will enjoy throughout the holiday.
  • Water/Moisture Exposure
    It is only necessary to water your Poinsettia when the soil feels dry to touch, don’t allow to stand in water as the plant is susceptible to root rot. Always ensure excess water can drain completely from the plant.
  • Feeding
    We are all familiar with the temptation to over indulge on fine foods during festive season. The Poinsettia is quite the opposite and will survive on moderate feeding (i.e. every third watering) until the blooming season has come to an end, you can use multi-purpose fertilizer.

Jim’s Poinsettia Care Guide should provide you with all the right tips that will ensure you have a happy and healthy Poinsettia plant in your home for this December and winter Season.

Visit our Online Christmas Shop to purchase your Poinsettia today, or call into one of our CountryLife Stores. Also find us on Facebook at CountryLife Gardening for information on special offers and upcoming events.

Poinsettia Care Guide Footer

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