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CountryLife €5000 Garden Makeover Competition - The Winner

by Aislinn Dunne | Sep 27, 2012

Our winner is Margaret from Tipperary and her house is a temporary rental while her own house is being rebuilt, with the garden in much need of some TLC. A keen gardener herself, Margaret had already finished her front garden and was about to tackle the back yard.  Winning the CountryLife €5000 Garden Makeover competition came at the perfect time.


CountryLife €5000 Garden Makeover competition Before 1

CountryLife €5000 Garden Makeover competition Before 2

Margaret wanted a low maintenance and peaceful haven to relax in and, most importantly, as she will be moving back to her own house in time, she needed a garden that looks great now, but can be easily taken with her when she moves.


CountryLife €5000 Garden Makeover competition After 1

Hanging Basket: These can be bought with or without flowers. The baskets in this garden have a selection of primroses, violas and fuchsia.

 CountryLife €5000 Garden Makeover competition After 2

Margaret loves to grow her own plants so a greenhouse was essential and conveniently hides the unsightly oil tank.  A low maintenance raised bed was made in one corner using treated railway sleepers which, like the stone and paving, can be easily moved in the future.

CountryLife €5000 Garden Makeover competition After 3

Flowers in Greenhouse: These are all Chrysanthemums - Chrysanthemum plants are just about the easiest of all of the perennials to grow. Chrysanthemums should be planted in early spring after all danger of freezing, however they can be planted almost any time, as long as they have time to establish their root system before the hottest weather.

 CountryLife €5000 Garden Makeover competition After 5

Planters, a water feature and some garden ornaments gave the finishing touches to a very satisfying garden makeover project.

Electric Pink added wonderful height to the Wooden Barrel planters giving them interesting shape and creating a pretty seating area when positioned at either end of the bench.  Electric Pink Care Information: Keep soil moist and add a controlled release fertilizer to the potting mix or garden soil. Remove dead or damaged leaves as required. In cooler climates, can be enjoyed outdoors, but move indoors before the threat of frost. 

 CountryLife €5000 Garden Makeover competition After 6

 The first step was to clear out the back garden and repot all the existing plants for an area to the side of the house. The yard was cleared and the existing paving protected from weeds with a membrane and topped with Glenview decorative stone.  Most of the planting is done using easy to transport pots and with a wide selection of autumn flowering plants, autumn bedding and hardy perennials for lots of colour.

 CountryLife €5000 Garden Makeover competition After 7

Malachy, our head horticulturist in CountryLive, Dove Hill was more than up for the challenge and designed a colourful yet peaceful space, which makes full use of the compact area available.

CountryLife €5000 Garden Makeover competition After 8

The dull brick wall offered little warmth to the garden and was freshened up with a coat of paint and trellises and hanging baskets added to make a nice backdrop to the plants.

CountryLife €5000 Garden Makeover competition After 9

Thanks to Margaret for being such a gracious winner and putting up with Malachy and Michael all week!

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