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Summer isn't over yet

by User Not Found | Jul 30, 2012

Okay so we all know early summer was not a great one - and frankly we've had enough talk of all the bad weather here at CountryLife. So ever the optimistic we're still holding out for that heat wave. 

Our Summer now goes until the start to mid October. So if you are looking for some colour to fill your garden or border in August here is a list of plants I like:

  • Crocosmia is a very colourful perennial that comes in red, yellow and orange. It grows in clumps with grass like leaves.
  •  Japanese anemone, this plant is a great plant for the gardener that  wants a splash of colour from the middle of summer to the end. They  grow medium to tall thin stems that don’t need supporting. They  come in a mixture of pinks, whites and mauves. 
  • Sedum is one of my favourite autumn flowering perennial plants as butterflies and Bee’s love it and its so easy to divide and fully hardy. Even the leaves are a attractive to look at when the flowers are gone. 
  • Ceanothus ‘Autumnal Blue’ is an evergreen and easy to grow hardy shrub. It produces lovely clusters of blue flower tuffs from mid summer to the end of august. 
  • Penstemon is a perennial plant that is half hardy so it would be a  good idea to take cuttings as a back up. It produces long bell-shaped flowers that come in purples, pinks and blues.
                  Penstemon and Japanese Anemone
                             Penstemon                                             Japanese Anemone 

These are just a small selection of a the range of colour available for autumn, so don't give up on a beautiful garden of colour just yet! 

Call in to any of our stores to see a full range of autumn colour coming over the next few weeks. 

Top Tip - Remember autumn is the best time to plant trees and shrubs as they will have all winter to get ready for next spring.

Happy Gardening!

Fergal :)