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Growing Plants from Seeds

by User Not Found | Jan 20, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I think the mild weather this week has made the plants think it is spring already.

I have Snowdrops and Crocus in flower together with Daffodils not too far behind. Hopefully the weather will get a little cooler so that they don’t get too far ahead of themselves!

I was looking at a seed catalogue yesterday evening as it is going to be sowing time for some varieties soon such as Geraniums and Lobelia. If you have a spare bit of space on your windows you could try sowing some of them now.


Geraniums can be dear enough to buy if you need a good few plants and they are easy to grow from seed. Sow them into peat pots or trays filled with seed compost. The compost should be moist but not wet. I usually pop them into a seed tray with a clear cover over as this increases the temperature and keeps in the moisture. They will usually sprout in five or six days and if all goes well they will be ready to take out of the propagator tray by mid February. After this you may need to pot them into a larger pot before planting out in May.

It is well worth the effort as I get great enjoyment from watching them grow and get strong. It is also great to boast to neighbours, when they look terrific in summer that they are my babies!

All the best for now,