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Seven Super Winter Lawn Care Tips

by User Not Found | Nov 14, 2011

Follow these essential steps this winter to keep your lawn in tip top shape.

  • Regularly rake off leaves, piles of leaves on grass not only look messy they can also cause the grass underneath to die.
  • Apply Moss Killer now if necessary, while it is in it's early stages.
  • If your lucky enough to have a dry spell, try cut the grass. Grass grows all year round in this country.
  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast and water your lawn before any heavy frosts or snow fall, as the ground underneath can become very dry.
  • Try to avoid walking on frosted grass as this will damage the grass underneath.
  • Have your lawnmower serviced and blades sharpen during the winter period.
  • Ensure all petrol is drained from you lawnmower before storage