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Top Ten Winter Gardening Tips

by User Not Found | Oct 19, 2011

Looks like it’s time to start wrapping up again as the weather turns cold for the winter.

Here are our Top Ten Winter Gardening Tips to prepare your garden for the cold months ahead:

  • Empty any of your pots that are not frost-proof and move them under cover to protect them from the winter weather.
  • Have all you garden machinery serviced during the winter season and drain all excess fuel.
  • Avoid walking on frost covered grass.
  • Plant any bare-root or pot-grown ornamental deciduous tress.
  • Check all tree ties and stakes are secure before winter winds hit.
  • Sow seeds of early cabbage varieties indoors, learn more about planting cabbage.
  • Sow broad beans outdoors for an early crop.
  • Plant onions and garlic in your vegetable garden in December, this will be ready to harvest in early spring.
  • Lift and divide any perennial flowers when we get a good day.
  • Tidy up your strawberry beds by removing unwanted runners, old leaves and developing weeds.